Most homeowners have artistic flair when choosing products to transform the d├ęcor of their internal living space and enjoy the experience of seeking out the latest products and fashionable colours.

However, the option of recolouring their external bricks is not as well known. With Dyebrick, you can now change the colour of your brick or blend new bricks to match old. You can add feature brick patterns to produce real value and individuality to your property.

The most popular use for Dyebrick in the UK is for matching new house extensions.

Another growing problem is the lead time on obtaining bricks which can also be costly. So, even if you can find the correct bricks, there can often be a wait of several months, holding up your building works. Cheaper bricks of the same texture but of a lighter shade can be used and tinted to match, saving time and money.

Dyebrick have a wide range of colours to choose from and samples can be purchased first, to ensure that the closest match or desired colour can be achieved. Dyebrick can also help you choose the best colour for your project by simply emailing them some images. A free on-site matching service can also be requested to fit in with their regular UK tours.